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About Us

Production & Sourcing

Italian:  Our experience and history in Italian manufacturing has provided us the ability to maintain the utmost quality, while offering modest production costs. 

Asian: In response to changes to the world economy, our output in Asia has increased without sacrifice in quality. We also use a field-based QC team to monitor production on a daily basis.


We have 9 quality-control checkpoints throughout the production phase.  Using the latest generation machinery, we are able to be extremely efficient and produce the highest quality product.


Echo Lake Industries is three generations strong and we pride ourselves in exclusivity, quality and innovation.  Our Italian traditions and design aesthetic allow us to be at the forefront of style.

Innovation & Technology

As a leader in the fashion industry, we are always delivering engaging designs.  With the latest in software and technology, we can provide customized design services.  We are equipped with electronic data interchange (EDI) for more effecient order retrieval.

Market Position

We focus on the better stores in our market, with our distribution being approximately 70% department stores and 30% speciality stores.  Within our department store category, we are most often the largest vendor in our department.  We have simply the best track record and reputation, constantly ranking at the top of peer lists for purchase order compliance. 


With an ever-growing customer base, our reputation speaks for iteslf.  We have proven ourselves as a manufacturer that can provide the finest products.

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